About Frequently Asked Questions

In the interest of full disclosure, nobody asked us most of the questions that follow. We honestly just felt more comfortable providing you the following information in a Q-and-A format.

General Information

Q: What is OneUpMe?

A: OneUpMe is website that fosters creativity and abstract thinking through a variety of creative challenges. The idea is to "one-up" other players by submitting a unique and creative response that follows the rules of the game or challenge that you are playing. WARNING: We are told that these games can be addicting.

Q: What's the difference between a Game and a Challenge?

A: Games have prompts that automatically display every X days, where X depends on the frequency set by the game creator. Prompts in games follow the same format and theme every time, although the specific subject matter will vary. Challenges, on the other hand, do not belong to a game and can have their own rules and constraints. You may also choose to create private challenges that only allow certain people to play but anyone to vote.

Q: How do I play?

A: After you join the site, check out the games page to see a list of ongoing games you can play. Also check out the challenges page to see a list of one-off challenges that you've been invited to or have created.

Q: What should the game forums be used for?

A: Every Game has a "Discussion" tab where people can discuss anything related to the game and its prompts. This forum is also where you will meet a lot of people that you find yourself voting for, all of whom are generally very nice, interesting people, albeit fierce competitors.

With fun threads, side games, and puns galore, there are no real rules in game forums except don't be inflammatory or vicious to other people. Specific complaints about the game should be posted to site feedback or be sent to info@oneupme.com. This is the Internet, but we're all still people. Let's play nice.

Q: What are the other forums for?

A: Forums are where you can discuss games or challenges with other players. Each forum can have different constraints in terms of who can post and what can be posted. For example, the meetups forum only allows photos and is meant for people to post photos of their real-world get-togethers.

Your Involvement

Q: Do I need to have a Facebook account to play? Why does the site have to access my Facebook account, and what information is shared?

A: Yes, you need to have a Facebook account in order to play the games- it is how you log in to the site.

OneUpMe accesses some of your Facebook information to give you an identity in the game:

  • Basic information: Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information you've shared with everyone.
  • Email (so we can email you from time to time with announcements, like if you won a game)
  • Personal Information: Hometown, Current City, Website and Work History
  • You're also given the option to post responses in the games to your Facebook profile.
  • You can review your App privacy on Facebook. We're sorry if this inconveniences you.

Q: What's the Activity tab on my profile page?

A: Your activity feed shows posts you've made to any of the forums or in general. Remember that all the nice things you write on the walls of other players might be visible to everyone on their feeds. We love seeing people share happiness. It inspires us to share happiness as well.

Q: What shows on the main activity feed?

A: The activity feed is similar to your News Feed on Facebook. It's a collection of all the activity of people on the site you follow. So it "feeds" you news, isn't that clever?


Q: What if I have an idea for a game?

A: On the main games page, simply click "New Game" and create one. You can tag people as members or co-hosts or you can make it open to anyone. Then you can start queuing up prompts from the "Edit Game" page.

You may also prefer to just create a challenge, which can a one-off game without requiring multiple prompts like a game.

Q: What if I don't like the prompt one day?

A: You are not obligated to play every day. If you don't play one day, the only way your scores will be impacted is through not getting any votes on that particular day.

Q: Do I have to play every game each day?

OneUpMe is like a buffet- some people want to have a little bit of everything, and some people want to eat what they know they like. So no, you don't have to, but your cumulative point score will likely be higher if you participate in all of the games.

Also like a buffet, the site may give you indigestion. And it's nothing to sneeze at. And things can get heated. (We're really obsessed here)

Q: How many times can you post?

A: You can only post one response per prompt, but you are allowed to repost if you're not getting enough votes to satisfy you or if you've thought of a better idea.

Reposting means that you delete what you've previously posted, and put a new idea or different phrasing of your original idea up in the game. Basically, you're only allowed to have one idea in each game at a time, but you're allowed to change your mind anytime you want. You will lose your votes, if any, that you already accumulated on a post by removing it and reposting. We have been told that some people get obsessed with reposting and do it so often that they frustrate themselves needlessly. Repost all you want, we just felt obligated to share this information with you.

Q: What if someone already posted my idea?

A: It depends. If your idea is a word for word copy of something that has already been posted then it is just good sportsmanship to come up with something different.

If you've come up with a similar idea, but worded it in a way that is unique and more clever than a post already in play, then you've one-upped that player just like the game suggests. Some people don't agree with this sentiment, but some topics just have a limited amount of unique ideas, and many times different wording can be the difference between a good post and a great post.

Q: What do I do if I've been copied?

A: You can complain, but many people find that this doesn't really do any good. A lot of people just don't mind being inconsiderate and that is unfortunate.

You can find out who copied you and send them a message or write on their OneUpMe wall. However, yelling and screaming at them is probably not the way to go. Try talking to them politely, but don't just assume that they'll take their post down especially if it isn't a word for word copy.

Q: Why is there a character limit?

A: Part of the fun in the game is coming with an answer in a limited space. Also, it makes it much easier on voters because the shorter the game posts, the more they can read in a short period of time. Each game has its own character limit that suits the responses for that game. Plus, we've been told that long winded people tend to be tedious.

Q: Are abbreviations and shorthand allowed?

A: Yes, but a lot of people consider this as a cheap way of getting around the character limit so they don't vote for these posts. We hope that whatever you post works out well for you, but idk, as long as it makes everyone lol.


Q: Who determines the winner?

A: Voters or "Likers" determine the winner. Generally, the person with the most votes wins the game. However, it is possible for a person to receive the most votes but still not win. This is because people who have been playing longer have a vote that carries more weight than new people. As you continue to play and vote, your vote will start to carry more weight as well.

Q: How many times can you win?

A: You can win any of the games multiple times, and you can win several games in one day if you were especially brilliant.

Q: What is a "Like"?

A: A like is OneUpMe vernacular for a "vote". We call it a like because you can "like" as many posts in as many of the games as you'd like. We here at OneUpMe recommend you vote fairly and vote often, but like anything in life, don't overdo it.

Q: Why can't I vote for myself?

A: The reason that no one can vote for themselves is that we assume that everyone would vote for themselves therefore canceling out that vote. It just made more sense to not allow this.

Q: Do I have to vote?

A: Honestly, you don't. However, as the majority of the fun of the game is receiving votes, if everyone decided not to vote, the game wouldn't be much fun. We recommend that if you have 5 minutes to play the game, you can take at least 5 minutes to vote. We'd love for you to take longer, but we don't know your life and we like to believe the best in people.

Q: How many times can I vote?

A: Vote as often as you like. There is no cap on the number of votes that you may disperse on a given day.

Q: What if someone's post doesn't make any sense?

A: Sometimes people don't really get other people's humor. We recommend not voting for posts you don't understand. If you want to ask others' opinions, you can post the response to the Snub Club

Q: What is the "Snub" button?

A: Snub Club is a forum was created in part to help improve the quality of responses but also to poke fun at ones that don't make too much sense. While it's not meant to be mean-spirited, sometimes commentary may come off as such.

When you click "Snub", you simply share the response directly to Snub Club. Responses remain anonymous to everyone until the voting period is over.


Q: What are the gold and platinum stars that appears next to the names of some players?

A: The gold stars indicate players ranked in the top 100. The platinum stars are displayed next to the names of the top 10 players. Ask them about their experiences; they should be nice enough to answer you.

Q: What is the yellow flower that appears next to the names of some players?

A: This indicates that a player is new to the game. You'll have a yellow flower displayed next to your name for a week after you join the site. It's part of the welcome wagon.

Q: Who are my 'Fans'?

A: Your fans are players that have voted for you in the games. On your profile page, you can view your list of fans ordered from your biggest fan, the player who has voted for you on the most occasions, to the players that have voted for you only once. It's nice to know your mom isn't your only fan anymore.