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    Why Are You Happy?

    One of my sons has debilitating anxiety that keeps him from joining in social situations.  Yesterday was the first time he agreed to tag along to a play date his twin was going on.  Then today he went outside with some neighborhood kids for a few minutes.  It's a little thing but huge...

    Carolyn P.
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    Your First Kiss

    I was very little, but old enough to share this vivid memory. My father worked very hard as a jeweler all his life. He never complained and was devoted to his family, providing for every need. I specifically remember my father whistling as he came through the door after work each night. No kidding. Whistling...

    Amy A.
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    Describe a Love Story From Your Youth

    I'm not much of a writer but I am a big talker and that's why according to my daughter everything I write is conversational in tone.  Oh well.  Here goes:
    It was the summer of my sophomore year.  I had a suntan and a cute Dorothy Hamil-esque haircut.  He was from the neighboring...

    Donna G.
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    Why Are You Happy?

    I like to smile. Even better, I like making other people smile. When I was younger, maybe with a tickle or a loving tap. Now, it's with my words....a joke or just nice words that come from the heart. I have always walked around with a smile on my face because I'm happy. Happy Day!   :)

    Ski Z.
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    First Job, Worst Job, Dream Job

    My first job was selling newspapers outside the AO Smith automotive parts plant in 7th and 8th grade.  Got there about 5am for the end of third shift and the beginning of first.
    Worst Job: Cleaning up a Milwaukee County Park in 9th and 10th Grade.  Learned what "trash" really meant back then.

    Christopher H.
    Elder (Over 100 Rounds) · Racine, Wisconsin