• A Year in Review

    1. I got selected to expand the middle school virtual learning program districtwide!
    2. I got to host an OUM game!
    3. I FINALLY won Analogies!
    4. I met some wonderful people who even friended me on FB...
    5. Catherine the Great is Cancer free!
    And for 2014, Just Do Better!

    Christopher H.
    Elder (Over 100 Rounds) · Racine, Wisconsin
  • A Year in Review

    1. First snow/ice day since 8th grade (I stayed in bed all day)
    2. First time trying beef jerky (horrible)
    3. First real date with a boy
    4. First kiss (worse than the jerky)
    5. First time applying to colleges (scary)
    I'm looking forward to being a second semester senior who doesn't have to care anymore about high school. That's the dream...

    Helen G.
    Joined January 20, 2014
  • Describe a Love Story From Your Youth

    I wasn't very young at all the first time I fell in love. I think it was because somehow the idea of love was never one I took lightly. I've never experienced love at first sight (yet... ladies... LADIES...) and I've been head over heels in "like" way more than I have love. But the first time for me I was much younger than I am now, and I am a completely different person now, so it counts.
    I couldn't be in love with her, she was with someone else. And in my book, that's a no-no. Who am I to...(more)

    Ajit D.
    Top 100 Player · Austin, Texas
  • A Way With Words

    When I was in college my roomate's mother was visiting our room and catching her daughter up on all the gossip. They were talking about a girl from her high school class and the mother said "She just wrapped her car around a tree". 
    I popped in with "She must be strong". They both gave me a dirty look before the truth behind the euphamism occurred to me.

    Sylvia P.
    Elder (Over 100 Rounds) · Danville, Indiana
  • Your First Kiss

    It was the summer going into sixth grade. There had been some talk lately amongst us neighbor kids about kissing. Jim Webster showed up at my house one day and I knew, without any words between us, that he wanted to try it. We walked silently to a spot between my famiy's travel trailer and the garage. We quickly kissed, he left, and that was that. There were no fireworks, no proclimations of love, but I have always remembered it like it was yesterday.
    Fast forward many years to my ten year high school...(more)

    Chris M.
    Top 10 Elite · Muskegon, Michigan